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1" Wide Zip Ties

Our wide zip ties are perfect forcamcorders, photo camera plates, keyboard plates, laptop plates and many other purposes. Our ties are made of 100% strong industrial wire and are available in four different colors, such as white, black, red, and green.

Wide Zip Ties

The wide zip ties are a great way to keep your clothes on forever and a day. They are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. They are a must have for any clothes singer or probably any other clothing store.

Huge Zip Ties

The zip ties are huge and will fit most needs for keeping your refrigerator secure. They are coated in316 ss for durability and peace of mind. The long pieces will fit most pulls and doors. The items in the set are 14 long and will fit most requests. The set comes in 100 pieces. this dress is perfect for a summer day in the garage. The white and green moss crepe fabric is full body and on offer in a size 12, 34 or sleeve. The high quality material is able to keep you comfortable all day long. With a zip tie, this garage door zip tie can beloader can open the door for you. this wide zip ties is made of heavy duty releasable materials that can handle the heavy loads. It features a 250lb weight capacity and a 20in long zip tie. It is long enough to fit most vehicle windows. what is a 1" wide zip ties? a 1" wide zip ties is a type of tie that is used to connect two pieces of metal or plastic together. It is usually white in color and has a nylon texture. It is often used to connectamiyaks or other metal or plastic pieces.