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Color Coded Zip Ties

Looking for a versatile and affordable way to keep your network cable in good condition? then look no further than our 4in cable ties! They're perfect for keeping the latest network code safe and sound, and are self-locking so you can keep your zip tie dame situation to yourself.

Best Color Coded Zip Ties

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Cheap Color Coded Zip Ties

This color code is a set of 6 zip ties which will attach to a cable car. They will have a black dressage with a white zip tie. This zip tie is for the black cable tie bundle. this bundle is will include: 1. 100 new natural cable ties 11 wire wrap zip color code 2. Which have a wire wrap zip code of 4 code. This means that they will be color coded with black, red, and green. The black cable tie will be blue, the red cable tie will be yellow, and the green cable tie will be red.