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Off White Zip Tie

Do you need a tag for your nike zap ties? this new cream replacement gives you the perfect amount of color and durability without the hassle. ^_^ our new off-white zip tie tag is perfect for your nike products. It is replacement for nike zap ties and gives you the perfect amount of color and durability. Get it today!

Off White Zip Tie Tag


Off White Zip Tie Replacement

This is a transparent off-white zip tie that you can use to replace your previous era's tag. Made of sturdy plastic, this zip tie is easy to take on and off of. Made in the usa. this is a perfect replacement for your old nike zip tie. It is made of 100% cotton and has a blue and yellow design. It is fast delivery and very reliable. this is a great way to keep your nike shoe fresh and in kenny. Get your new zip tie gift for only $1. 99 plus free shipping on zip-ties. Org orders! these shoes are made of 100% off-white zip tie material. The red nike zoom golf shoes are located at the front of the shoe. These shoes are fast shipping and will arrive is about 2-3 days. Please note: these shoes are a new product and do not need any hassle. They will be packed in a tough box so they can last a long time.